Whether you are an established author or aspiring to be one, you will benefit from the right additional set of eyes on your work. Do you have a manuscript that needs polishing or that just isn’t coming together for you? Do you have an idea, but don’t know where to start? I may be able to help you. In artistic collaboration, chemistry is of utmost importance. Let’s start a conversation to see if we are meant to work together. Contact me for an initial consultation.

If you haven’t begun writing yet, I can give you some key points to help you start. If you have already brought some of your project into the light, I will ask you to send me ten pages or so for a free and confidential evaluation. I will edit these pages and return them to you with a quotation based on my perception of your work. Likewise, you can see whether my approach brings you equivalent value. Chemistry.

If we decide to work together, these initial pages will be considered part of the overall project. If not, we simply go our happy ways. Here are a few testimonial letters from some authors who opted to work with me:

E.E. Yates:

“Hiring Daye Proffit to be my editor and guide is one of the best decisions of my life. Daye Proffit is an alchemist. His expertise and influence not only transformed my words into my finished book, but also transformed my life. This project has reunited me with my most important life quest and has engendered in me a newfound sense of courage and self-knowledge. No one else in the world could have done what he has done for me.

“His expertise as an editor went well beyond checking and rechecking syntax and grammar. Even beyond his extraordinary insights and lawyer-like talent for catching contradictions, he helped me see and order my thoughts, to build a scaffold of true worth for my book. Through a series of questions during months of phone conversations, he patiently led me to a higher understanding of the fundamental reasons and intentions behind my words. His undeniable genius as a developmental editor fostered in me the skills and grit necessary to finish and share my book, “An Artist and the Light.”

“In his always positive discussions, Daye approaches the big questions like an ancient sage. He brought out the best in me and in my work, even when I was full of doubt and fear. I confidently recommend Daye as an editor, and as a life coach and a guiding light. He shines his light everywhere and helps one connect to one’s spirit in life-transforming ways. If you are lucky enough to work with him, I know he will work magic on your words. He will also change your life as he continues to brighten the world.” www.eeyates.com

Peter Mt Shasta:

“I am grateful for the editorial assistance of Daye Proffit, which has far surpassed other professional assistance I have received during my career as an author of books on spiritual self-realization and planetary service. Daye has a knack for intuiting what I am trying to say and often suggests a clearer and more eloquent wording. His proofreading ability is also thorough and exacting. Beyond mere technical expertise, he draws on a breadth of life experience that more academic literary types often do not have.

“He is possessed of an energy and determination to finish what he starts, so that with his assistance I am always able to finish projects ahead of deadlines. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

“He has helped edit at least two of my books in the series Adventures of a Western Mystic, also, Lady Master Pearl – My Teacher, which can be referenced through my website: http://www.i-am-teachings.com, or at Amazon.com.”

David Zappasodi:

“I can’t express how fortunate and grateful I feel, that I met Daye Proffit and had the opportunity to work with him as the editor of my book, Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind. The focus of my work is primarily in the personal development, spirituality and self-help genres, and it was a tremendous help for me that Daye is very knowledgeable in these areas, and makes personal development such a big priority in his own life. Because of this, Daye has been much more than someone who just checks my grammar and the structure and flow of my content. He’s been an incredible sounding board, someone I can talk to when I’m not clear on the direction I want to take, and has offered insightful guidance that has helped me to become more clear on more than a few occasions.

“What I’ve found, in working with Daye Proffit, is that I’m not just working with an editor. I’m working with a compassionate and patient guide, a source of inspiration, and most importantly… a good friend. For these reasons, I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

International Bestseller, Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind can be found on Amazon.com . Also, please, visit my website, www.brainflipweightloss.com.

Peter Remington:

“Dear Daye,

“Itʼs official. On August 8, 2011, I launched my company, Prepare 4 More, and introduced my first book of many to come, Be-Aholic: A 14-Step Process to Becoming a Success-Aholic. As you know, this was a project of love for me and a project that I did not let many people be a part of. The reason for that was because I didnʼt want opinions, I wanted collaboration. I wanted someone who believed in my project as much as I did, yet knowing that it was my project and not theirs…and thatʼs a very fine line. All this to say…I totally appreciated the way you handled my project. You first heard my dream, felt my passion, got into my style and writing mannerisms and then swallowed the hook.

“It was a fun journey with you, Daye. You corrected my grammar and word usage without me really noticing. The flow of the sentences retained the “Peter Style,” however they sounded so much better. And, yes, it irked me when you corrected my quotes because I thought I had them correct from my memory, but your attention to detail, in the end, was greatly appreciated. Finally, you mastered the way of calling out some of my work – ‘Really, Peter, is that what you want to say?’ – so that I felt it was almost my idea to change it. I need to learn that. Anyway, your fabulous job, brilliant additions, quick turn- around and maintaining focus on my focus right up to printing time was more than I paid for.”

Be-Aholic: A 14-Step Process to Becoming a Success-Aholic is available on Amazon.com and at http://prepare4more.info


Mamta Thacker:

“Red ink on paper or in pixels is never more positively transforming than when it is wielded by the hands of Daye Proffit. He has a remarkable ability to scrutinize with precision both the mechanics and artistic elements of the written word, and proffer recommendations to the author that enrich the work as a whole. His seemingly inexhaustible reservoir of common knowledge, along with a penchant for fact checking, allow for a breadth of accurate commentary and guiding advice rooted in sincere care and authenticity. His suggestions facilitate comprehensive revisions that lend fluidity to any formerly inert literary work.

“A well honed acumen for spotting sentences, phrases, grammar and syntax that may hamper the natural flow of ideas is one of Daye’s greatest gifts to the writer. If there is a better, more precise or effective way of conveying the same idea, he will find it. In the process, Daye does not inject his personal bias or ideas into the storylines but rather maintains the integrity of the author’s voice, tone and point of view. His main objective is to push the author towards producing her best work each time, whether it is an epic tale or haiku. His advice is honest, all to the benefit of the author and her literary cause.

“Daye’s ability to process information at a rapid rate and his social genius in connecting with authors and their relationships to their work allow him to quickly and accurately discern the direction of a project and give it momentum. He understands that writing is a process and that both the journey and the end result are a grand personal endeavor. He approaches each project with a respect for the author and the author’s desires.

“He adds that extra element to one’s writing that makes something that is already felt to be the best even better. He is encouraging in those self-defeating, swallowing, dark times of writer’s block. In the moments when all hope is lost, he is the hand that lifts and shakes the pen so that the ink returns to its natural and rhythmic flow. Daye is all things genius in an Editor and it is an honor to work with an intellect and heart of such caliber.”