Today, science has given empirical verification to the truths the sages and poets have been telling us since time immemorial: Happiness is the precursor to success and satisfaction in any area of life, not the result of achieving our desires. In other words, getting the house, the car, the money, the relationship, et cetera, et cetera, will not bring us lasting happiness; but developing happiness within oneself, first, will allow us to achieve those desires more easily.

The good news is that a few simple exercises can measurably increase our happiness in a matter of days. Science – and experience – says so! Click here or on the logo below for all things Happiness:


Here are some great comments from a real straight shooter, Gary Vaynerchuck:

Then, of course, there is that perennial classic by the great master of joyous creativity, Bobby McFerrin:

“Don’t Worry Be Happy” was (is) a cornerstone message of the great saint Meher Baba.

But wait, there’s more…!!!

All these activities and understandings are great when it comes to engendering feelings of happiness, and research shows that our overall baseline of happiness can be measurably increased and permanently maintained through their asiduous application. So, go for it and enjoy!

However, there is an infinite wellspring of Happiness that we all possess within ourselves that can be accessed at will through some incredibly simple techniques, that have been enjoyed by millions around the globe to date. Find out more here: www.tm.org