A Vision

Here are are a few seed thoughts. Does anything sprout for you? What would you like to add or contribute toward bringing this into physical being…?

The Foundation

Mission: We bring more light and love into expression in the world by brightening the hearts of all people, young and old, and empowering them to embrace their individual, intrinsic, radiant glory on their chosen path.

Vision: We recognize that the Spirit of Truth radiantly shines within the hearts of all beings. We are dedicated to creating physical and psychical environments wherein that Light can most naturally flourish and express itself through each individual of every age and thereby glorify all generations and the world at large.

The High Way: We envision an ever growing, global network of Centers, where people of all ages are offered the tools and supportive environments to allow their creative genius to flow unfettered in their individual streams of expression. Young people, in particular, are nurtured in this supportive womb of creativity, and in effect, given permission to shine to their full expression as actualized adults.

There are programs for: the Arts – music, dance, theatre, visual arts, and film and video production; Science and invention development; computer science; yoga and meditation; holistic healthcare; sustainable organic agriculture and permaculture; athletics; social service; spirituality; and business school, including global commerce, publishing, event organization and hospitality. Ancient knowledge expressed within modern understanding is fostered, e.g., traditional systems of regenerative agriculture, cooperative animal husbandry, natural horsemanship, plant based medicine, soil science, net-zero impact building practices, and minimalist survival and “thrival.”

Permaculture and energy sustainability are key concepts in the structure and intent of each center. Ongoing exposure to spiritual themes of unity and respect for all life permeate every aspect of life at the Centers and provide a unifying theme and a reference for each part to the whole. Religions and philosophies with a positive, all embracing, non-exclusionary theme are welcome. Indigenous traditions are given honored expression in the light of evolving modern civilization.

Started with substantial seed funds from the Foundation, each center quickly becomes self-sufficient and then reciprocally feeds the Foundation to enable the center’s replication elsewhere. Key to the concept is the fostering of coherence and cooperation of both “humanism” and commerce – in effect utilizing the whole brain of society in a mutually rewarding self-referral system. The illusory divides between Art and Science, Love and Money, People and Corporation, Spiritual and Material, Giving and Taking is bridged by a unified understanding of Life, as well as by the practical demonstration of the mutuality of apparent opposites. The Arts thrive through Commerce, Commerce increases through the Arts, and all are mutually enriched.

Recognizing our spiritual and structural kinship with Nature, the first Centers are ranches, farms or other rural environments. Urban Centers also emerge, allowing expression in the streams of city life. Regular contact with wilderness settings is also part of Center life.

This is a global network of centers, wherein there is a constant flow of individuals, ideas and resources within and amongst the centers. The human spirit is cycled and recycled through the varied environments, drinking in the multifaceted glory of this creation. Participants experience the variety of different cultures around the country and around the globe; the dynamism of the city and the dynamism of the country; the vibrance of the wilderness; and the quiet that permeates and holds it all.

Visiting teachers and other luminaries of the highest caliber in all fields give lectures and workshops. Many are itinerant, stopping at one Center after another, staying a few days, a few weeks, or longer. When they come, people are drawn from miles around to sit at their feet and bask in the waves of knowledge, either for a few hours or longer by enrolling in workshops of varying lengths. This ebb and flow of visitors further pollinates the center with new energy and ideas, and provides revenue for continuous growth.

Each Center is a magnificent host, offering the finest programs, the finest organic food, and the finest accommodations from campsites to bunkhouses to private suites and residences. A natural health center and spa is a regular feature of many Centers.

A core strength of the Foundation and the Centers is a clear focus on education as a central theme of human existence. Central to that is the encouragement of every generation to take an active role in the development of the other. Adults honor, teach and guide the young. The Elders teach, validate, encourage and bless the adults and the young. The young honor and teach the adults. The adults and the young support and honor the Elders. It is recognized that just as every cell in the body has an equally vital and mutually supportive, yet different, role to play in the perfect expression of the body, so every individual in society is an essential constituent in the fulfillment of life for every other individual.

Young people do not become fully expressed adults on their own. They require wise counsel and guidance from caring, focused adults and elders, and all are thereby involved in bringing forth into creation, the Spirit of Life. Therefore, empowerment and illumination naturally flow to the glorification of every individual of every age involved with or in any way touched by the Center. Many of the young people who grow up with the support of the center, become leaders and elders, themselves, for the direct benefit of coming generations. Just as the Centers are financially self-perpetuating, so are they societally self-perpetuating.

At the structural core of each Center and the Foundation itself, is the Council of Elders, who, from the vantage point of experience, guide the organization by holding the light of the vision on the path as it appears with every new step of progress. Council members must have demonstrated a lifetime of beneficial leadership and be recognized for their broad vision, good will and wisdom. They validate the executive decisions of the Board of Directors as well as preside over ceremonies of transition from one stage of life to another, award presentations, et cetera. Additionally, the Board of Directors seeks input from their Advisory Boards comprised of luminaries in various fields.

There is a core staff of permanent residents, providing continuity and focus for the maintenance and continuance of each center. There is a faculty of mentors in each discipline, including a strong business sector to foster the wise application of commerce to the glory of the whole. Volunteer positions exist, and at the same time, there is a principle of reciprocity lively in the Center culture that always looks to maximum compensation for everyone involved.

There are young students in residence and day students who fulfill their state educational requirements at the Center. There are after school programs and weekend and holiday programs. Many young people are employed as apprentices and interns in their chosen field. Parents are encouraged to participate in all programs, including employment as faculty and staff. There are programs specifically for parents and their children to foster harmony and communication in the household. Tuitions are payable in currency or kind.

In order to accommodate and accelerate the interconnectedness of good will on the planet, the Foundation also looks to compatible existing organizations, facilities and programs worldwide to include in the network of communication and cross pollination. Existing organizations can qualify for Foundation funds and certification.

Just as a light bulb cannot keep its light to itself, the Centers are active participants in the affairs of the communities within which they reside. Outreach into the communities and social responsibility are keynotes of Center philosophy. We are excellent neighbors, locally and globally; a blessing to all as we breathe Life in and breathe Life out all around.