St. Francis artist quote

I do like this quote, however, it seems that Francis did not say this. Others attribute it to  British-born, U.S. lawyer, Louis Nizer, however it seems he may be quoting it, himself, when published in 1948. It shows up unattributed in print in a magazine in 1923. Nonetheless, it seems a truism to me and I like it. It somehow objectifies the subjectivity of experience as we attempt to define our place in society. By this definition, anyone can elevate or debase one’s métier simply by one’s approach to the task. [This of course, assumes a value judgement of artist being more lofty that laborer. Just look past the fun of this possible objection to the broader point: The fullness of one’s experience and it’s consequent power is in one’s own hands.]

Perhaps this also points to a formula toward reconciling some seeming polar opposites that exist at least in modern consciousness, one being Art and Commerce. Artists wishing to be true to the muse often eschew what they feel to be crass commercialism.

Happiness – Commerce – Arts

While happiness, itself, is not a necessary or even primary goal in a well lived life, if one takes measures to create happiness within oneself first, this begins a cascade of positive experience and manifestation to any life. It’s a matter of heart. It allows a perspective that can bring reconciliation and even synergy to many seeming dichotomies – science and mysticism, light and dark, city and country, art and commerce, even apparent good and evil.

For example, Happiness breathes life into business and without it, the Arts become intellectual fog. It is a foundational reconciler of apparent duality. Commerce enhances the dissemination and appreciation of the Arts and the Arts can bring joy into what is often perceived as the hard-bitten world of Commerce. Happiness is the aim and the glue which holds all the elements of this human experience together. So, seek ye first Happiness.

You will find on this website concrete expressions of several areas of life which are currently attracting my attention and which are bringing great value to my life. These dollops constitute a hasty beginning to much more to follow.

I also believe that not  just tolerating or accepting differences, but appreciating and celebrating them is a foundational perspective in making our brief sojourn in this life most fruitful and enjoyable. I am building this site to share several of my varied interests that may be of value to you. It will continue to be a work in progress. Please explore at will and come back often!

Vitruvian Man